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Popular Flooring Trends of 2016

flooring trends
Technologies for creating flooring have significantly improved in the past few years, which has really opened up the market for floors that look expensive but are actually affordable. The hottest trends right now include the rustic wood floor, the easy-to-clean laminate, the plush carpet and the versatile vinyl.


While you can find good hardwood in all shades, the trend is toward the richer, darker stains. The most popular woods are manually textured and rubbed. This makes sure that wood can still look aged and classy even when it is new.


A common inexpensive alternative to hardwood is laminate flooring. Laminate floors can convincingly portray the patterns, colors and grains of tropical woods, weathered driftwoods and hardwoods that, due to popularity, are out of stock.


New methodology and expertly derived material blends are making new carpets the softest ever. There are a lot of carpets now that are textured through different styles of cuts and loops, which can bring more of your personality into your carpet choice.


Vinyl is the most flexible in terms of its look. Now, it can take on the image of just about anything. From wood to concrete to marble and everything in between, vinyl flooring is very low-maintenance and still looks great.
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