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When to Replace Home Siding

A home’s siding is the first barrier against the elements of heat and cold, water and insects. For that reason, special attention should be given to make sure it’s in peak condition. There are several signs that a home’s siding needs to be replaced.

Water Damage

The most pressing issue related to insufficient siding is water damage. If moisture is able to seep into the structure of the home, it can cause significant and expensive damage. If the siding is bubbling, peeling or breaking, it is probably retaining moisture and should be replaced right away before it penetrates into the interior.

Insect Damage

If insects have been able to burrow into the exterior of the home, they can wreak havoc on the entire structure. As soon as it appears that they have established a foothold in the house’s siding, it should be replaced so that they don’t inflict damage on the foundation.

Lack of Curb Appeal

A home’s cosmetics are almost as important as its structural integrity. Siding that looks shabby dramatically affects the home’s curb appeal, making resale difficult. On the other hand, simply replacing the siding is an easy way to freshen up a home and transform its appearance.
Whether for structural or cosmetic reasons, changing the siding on a house is a great investment that will last for decades. For more information about when to replace home siding, call Williams Home Center Inc. at 919-735-7717.